For Additive Manufacturing Industry is not a limit, this proven technology can be implemented from engineering to lifestyle. The technology gives designers maximum freedom of design and allow them to break the limitation of conventional manufacturing designing rules. Advantages includes light weight structures, complex geometry with integrated channels in it, Iterations can be done at much faster rate, simplification of assemblies are few.

Additive Manufacturing technology provides maximum freedom of design, and so opens up new paths for the geometrical layout of heat exchangers. For instance, turbulators can be integrated in fluid channels. Turbulators deliberately generate turbulence in the flow for optimised heat transfer. The technology used in the laser sintering systems can therefore build up highly compact and highly efficient designs that can also be adapted to the installation environment. This Additive Manufacturing (AM) method does not need any tools, so single, individual items can be produced requiring almost no additional costs. Functions can be integrated directly in components. Hinges, gripper mechanisms, air channels, mounts for sensors and other functions can be incorporated in the components during production. This makes it possible to dispense with additional assembly steps for many individual components, further increasing cost efficiency.