Design and Analysis

  • CAD Modeling
  • FEA Analysis
  • CFD Analysis
  • Light Weighting
  • Structural Analysis
  • Flow Analysis
  • Conformal Cooling channels
  • Topology Optimisation

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Additive Manufacturing

Complex Design | Defined Aerodynamic Properties | Light Weighting Solutions

Additive Manufacturing has already transformed the Aerospace Industry, with the impact being felt more deeply with every passing day. Engine and turbine parts as well as cabin interior components are areas, which this technology has deeply impacted. This is where the benefits of innovative Additive Manufacturing technology come to the fore: functional components with complex geometries, optimum light weighting solutions and defined aerodynamic properties can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively.

Leading aerospace companies have integrated Additive Manufacturing into their planning of future production strategies and utilising the benefit of this technology which includes complex design, assembly simplification, cost reduction, material saving and weight reduction which in turn lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Tool & Die

Highly complex forms and designs with integrated cooling or tempering channels are not a problem for Additive Manufacturing. Conventional production processes reach the limit of their capabilities here: for example, the only solution for cooling is often simply to drill the required channels. Also, as a tool becomes more complex, so the costs associated with it rise enormously.

Automotive & General Engineering

Additive Manufacturing enables the production of components with integrated functionality - without the need for tools, thereby cutting development and production costs.Automobile manufacturers can increase the efficiency of their Research and Development processes, enabling them to get their products on the market more quickly. The focus here is not just on geometrical part accuracy: Additive Manufacturing technology is continuously expanding its range of new materials in order to ensure that parts are functionally reproducible, too, and can be installed directly in serial production vehicles.

The problem with small-series production and the increasing demand for customisation is that traditional tool-based manufacturing processes often cannot be applied profitably.

Innovative, tool-less Additive Manufacturing provides a new approach to tackling the current challenges facing the automotive industry. It offers maximum design freedom while allowing the creation of complex yet light components with high levels of rigidity.


  • ISO 9001 2008 Certified
  • AS 9100 C (in Process)
  • 3 certified Internal ISO auditors.
  • NDT level II RT, PT,VT.
  • 1 Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Value Added Services

  • Design Validation.
  • Reverse Engineering
  • CMM Inspection
  • Surface Finishing Operations
  • Internal and External Polishing
  • Heat Treatment

Conventional Manufacturing


  • 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center
  • DMG- DMU60 5-Axis machining center (X/Y/Z Axis- 730/560/560mm)
  • 3-Axis Vertical Machining Center
  • DMG- DMC 1035V 3-Axis VMC (X/Y/Z Axis- 800/450/450mm)
  • DMG Mori- NVX5100 3-Axis VMC (X/Y/Z Axis- 1050/530/510mm)
  • Haas- VF2 3-Axis VMC (X/Y/Z Axis- 1000/600/600mm)


  • DMG Mori- NLX-2000MC-500 (Dia 300mm/500mm length)


  • DMG- CTX510 Turning center (Dia 460mm/1050mm length)
  • MAZAK- Quick Sland-30 Turning center (Dia 320mm/1000mm length)
  • Haas- ST10 Turning center (Dia 280mm/260mm length)
  • Doosan- Puma V500 VTL (Dia 730mm/750mm length)

Services for Machining below mentioned materials of:

  • Titanium
  • Inconnel (625 & 718)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Heat-treated steel alloys
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Non ferrous material

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