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Functional Design | Simplification of Assembly | Light Weighting

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Additive Manufacturing has already transformed the Aerospace Industry, with the impact being felt more deeply with every passing day. Engine and turbine parts as well as cabin interior components are areas, which this technology has deeply impacted. This is where the benefits of innovative Additive Manufacturing technology come to the fore: functional components with complex geometries, optimum light weighting solutions and defined aerodynamic properties can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively.

Leading aerospace companies have integrated Additive Manufacturing into their planning of future production strategies and utilising the benefit of this technology which includes complex design, assembly simplification, cost reduction, material saving and weight reduction which in turn lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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Tool & Die

Conformal Cooling | Reduced Cycle Time | Reduced Warpage

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The Tool & Die industry is moving beyond the shackles of Manufacturing Oriented Design towards Functionality Oriented Design. While once the industry was restricted by limitations like simple cooling solutions by drilling in straight lines, Additive Manufacturing now enables Conformal Cooling Solutions where complex free form internal channels provide optimum cooling and tempering solutions. This offers various benefits like minimal warpage and reduced cycle time, and hence, results in better quality parts produced in shorter time.

With no major increase in production costs, complex designs can be easily prepared by using Additive Manufacturing.

Moreover, as the part can be built in a single setup, the time to market reduces considerably, and new designs can reach the market in a much shorter time.

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Increased Fuel Efficieny | Quick Validation | Less Time to Market

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Rapid Prototyping is integral to Automotive R&D. It helps the Designers to quickly develop new parts and validate the products. Early detection of errors, followed by their quick rectification, allows for speeding up the process of R&D. Moreover, it allows manufacturing of multiple designs of the same part simultaneously to test them parallely, and hence, reduce the time to market from concept design to fully functional parts.

The automotive industry is faced with a growing need of small-scale production. Rapidly changing design, customer specific solutions and quickly changing environmental laws, all demand the need of short production runs. Additive Manufacturing provides the perfect solution to this changing demand. With capabilities like ease in adapting New Design, Complex Design capabilities with Light Weighting and Topology Optimisation, which help in constantly improving fuel efficiency, Additive Manufacturing looks poised to take the lead in manufacturing for the Automotive Industry.

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General Engineering

Rapid Prototyping | Tool-less Manufacturing | Quick Validation

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Additive Manufacturing marks the beginning of the 3rd Industrial revolution, and it is gradually transforming the entire General Engineering Industry.

Additive Manufacturing provides industrial companies with completely new solutions for realising tool-less production methods. The technology gives designers maximum freedom of design. Providing material only where it is needed for mechanical strength or functionality, this solution can also manufacture lightweight parts with highly complex geometries. Equipped with tools to transform design based on functionality, Additive Manufacturing has already set on the path to transform the entire General Engineering Industry.

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  • Titanium
  • Inconel
  • Stainless Steels
  • Aluminum Alloys
  • Heat Treated Alloys
  • Non Ferrous Materials

New Material Development

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Light Weighting

Lattice Structures | Honeycomb Structure


Topology Optimisation

Shape Optimisation | Skeletal Design

Bionic Design

Nature Inspired Design | Parametric Design


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