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With a solid foundation, both in metallurgy and machining, Intech DMLS has scaled new heights in the field of Metal Additive Manufacturing. Having successfully delivered numerous parts for the Space and Aerospace Industry, Intech DMLS is all set up for Aero India 2017, scheduled in the month of February. You can witness some of our innovations, technological developments and 3D Printed Parts during the show, out of which one of them is going to be the ‘Combustion Chamber’.

The first combustion chamber was delivered 14 months ago, to one of our esteemed customers - HAL, for a 25KN engine. The part has been exhaustively tested over the last 1 year, and upon successful performance, the development of the second engine is under way. Wish to know more about the combustion chamber? Here it is –

  • The design was optimized by our customer in consultation with and by advice of Intech DMLS. Our expertise in DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) and Light Weighting, applied to the design, has enabled better functional output.
  • Intech DMLS developed the Combustion Chamber in about 3-4 months using Metal Additive Manufacturing, whereas, traditionally, the development of the part would have taken 18-24 months.
  • Conventionally what would have been an assembly of several parts, we manufactured it in just 5 parts which were LASER welded to make it into a single part.
  • This part was manufactured in nickel based super alloy using DMLS technology, following which, it underwent a few special processes, heat treatment, machining, surface treatment and laser welding; which has been concurrent with our vision to provide end to end services for metal additive manufacturing.


Our team of experts in the Design and Analysis Lab is working further to optimize and enhance the current design and our Materials Technology Cell has proven its grounds by developing a superior grade of material for the same application at higher temperature. With an AS9100 Rev C certification, we are now set to manufacture various other parts of the engine using Metal Additive Manufacturing.

We hope to see you in the Aero-India event and share with you some of our success stories. Until then for queries please write to us at


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  1. Hi,

    I am an Assistant professor from School of Aeronautical Sciences in Hindustan university chennai. I am teaching 3d printing to my students .Really happy to see the progress you have made. I place a request to allow our students to have a industrial visit.

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