How a partnership between Industry, academia, and technology drives the ecosystem forward by accelerating innovation

We often hear new and old technologies getting introduced to different markets. Either with an upgrade or a downgrade to best accommodate the market needs and meet customer requirements precisely. If not to exceed the set expectations.


Academic institutions need industries to market-test their research and have a road map for future progress. Similarly, industries partner with Universities and Institutions to extend their technical capabilities for an extensive research work. This is where the technology reaches its optimum, making the partnership between Industries and research institutes effective. Therefore leading to new developments and innovations. This combination not only pushes the ecosystem forward but also develops practical solutions with innovative processes.


At Intech, we have partnered with many elite universities and likewise institutes to expand our research department. Consequently, we will be developing more  ingenious methods and processes where we share IP’s with academia.


We recently added Vellore Institute of Technology(VIT) to our research partnership list. Where we will be exchanging research personnel and technical information.

The Scientists/ Officers/ Consultant of Intech DMLS will be mentoring and guiding students on research projects. Coordinating faculty members of VIT will be formulating research projects and HRD plans for joint collaboration.


Mr. Sridhar Balaram, MD, and founder Intech DMLS signed an MOU with Dr. G. Viswanathan, Chancellor, VIT at BiotMet 2018. Through this partnership, we will be developing indigenous processes to provide the best available solutions to our customers.Therefore 

Combustion Chamber


With a solid foundation, both in metallurgy and machining, Intech DMLS has scaled new heights in the field of Metal Additive Manufacturing. Having successfully delivered numerous parts for the Space and Aerospace Industry, Intech DMLS is all set up for Aero India 2017, scheduled in the month of February. You can witness some of our innovations, technological developments and 3D Printed Parts during the show, out of which one of them is going to be the ‘Combustion Chamber’.

The first combustion chamber was delivered 14 months ago, to one of our esteemed customers – HAL, for a 25KN engine. The part has been exhaustively tested over the last 1 year, and upon successful performance, the development of the second engine is under way. Wish to know more about the combustion chamber? Here it is –

  • The design was optimized by our customer in consultation with and by advice of Intech DMLS. Our expertise in DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) and Light Weighting, applied to the design, has enabled better functional output.
  • Intech DMLS developed the Combustion Chamber in about 3-4 months using Metal Additive Manufacturing, whereas, traditionally, the development of the part would have taken 18-24 months.
  • Conventionally what would have been an assembly of several parts, we manufactured it in just 5 parts which were LASER welded to make it into a single part.
  • This part was manufactured in nickel based super alloy using DMLS technology, following which, it underwent a few special processes, heat treatment, machining, surface treatment and laser welding; which has been concurrent with our vision to provide end to end services for metal additive manufacturing.


Our team of experts in the Design and Analysis Lab is working further to optimize and enhance the current design and our Materials Technology Cell has proven its grounds by developing a superior grade of material for the same application at higher temperature. With an AS9100 Rev C certification, we are now set to manufacture various other parts of the engine using Metal Additive Manufacturing.

We hope to see you in the Aero-India event and share with you some of our success stories. Until then for queries please write to us at


An Introduction to Intech DMLS


Being the visionary leader in the field of Metal Based DMLS 3D printing, in India, Intech DMLS, is backed by a creative design team, highly meticulous analysis team, dedicated machine shop, accurate post processing facility and extremely competent quality control services.We are very well poised to offer an end-to-end service in the Additive Manufacturing space.

Supported by a strong career of 30+years in foundry and a machine shop, Intech DMLS is a true leader of the current industry. Having enough exposure to metallurgy via the foundry and expertise in machine handling techniques via machine shops, Intech DMLS took complete command of both and was established in the year 2012. Our proven expertise in the industry was then recognized by the Wohler’s report as the first metal 3D printing company in India and also is certified under AS9100 Rev C.

Intech DMLS has stood apart from its competitors with its transparent yet highly productive process. Our end to end services right from designing, analysis, 3D printing, machining, heat treatment and the post processing has been the best rendered in the industry and most reliable.

Subtractive Manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing, using DMLS, assists in offering the highest flexibility to manufacture complex structures, which are extremely difficult to build in a conventional manufacturing process. The added advantages include Reduced Time to Market, Elimination of Tooling, Weight Reductions and Intricate Internal Channels, which ultimately helps reduce costs. Intech DMLS efficiently manufacture precision parts for Aerospace, Automotive, Tool & Die, Rapid Prototyping, General Engineering, and Medical Industry. Also to add to our advancements, we are stretching our expertise in the New Material Development sector where we don’t fear experimenting and introducing to the world the best and effective resources to make better and updated products.


Sinteneering Innovations®, as coined, marks the beginning of a new era in metal manufacturing. We provide end to end solutions from concept design to completely functional metal-based production parts.


To know more about this exciting technology of building parts in layers, please write to us at, let us help you redesign for the future.