Combustion Chamber

With a solid foundation, both in metallurgy and machining, Intech DMLS has scaled new heights in the field of Metal Additive Manufacturing. Having successfully delivered numerous parts for the Space and Aerospace Industry, Intech DMLS is all set up for Aero India 2017, scheduled in the month of February. You can witness some of our innovations, technological developments and 3D Printed Parts during the show, out of which one of them is going to be the ‘Combustion Chamber’.

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An Introduction to Intech DMLS

Being the visionary leader in the field of Metal Based DMLS 3D printing, in India, Intech DMLS, is backed by a creative design team, highly meticulous analysis team, dedicated machine shop, accurate post processing facility and extremely competent quality control services.Having enough exposure to metallurgy via the foundry and expertise in machine handling techniques via machine shops, Intech DMLS took complete command of both and was established in the year 2012. Our proven expertise in the industry was then recognized by the Wohler’s report as the first metal 3D printing company in India and also is certified under AS9100 Rev C.

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